Since the birth of her daughter Kulture, Cardi B has returned to the entertainment industry with a fire and fury that has elicited praise and recognition across the globe. Most recently, actress and fashion icon Fran Drescher has revealed that she is a fan of the "I Like It" rapper and would even like her to play the role of her daughter in a potential reboot of popular 90's sitcom, The Nanny.  

During a recent appearance on PeopleTV's Chatterthe 61 one-year-old veteran actress discussed a variety of subjects, including a potential revival of the sitcom. “I’m totally down with doing it,” she shared. She went on to reveal that she is enthusiastic and confident that the show's revival would be successful, despite the concerns of networks. “I don’t know what is going on with some of these networks out there," she said. "They do not seem to be hip to the fact that there’s an obsession amongst millennials for the show and moi!” 

In a comment that has evoked much excitement among fans, Drescher shared, “I wanna do a sitcom with Cardi B. Wouldn’t she be great as my daughter?” The notion is said to have been inspired by one of Cardi's recent ensembles in which she wore head-to-toe cheetah print pieces at Milan Fashion Week. Cardi posted a picture of the outfit with the caption "Fran Drescher in [Dolce and Gabbana]." Drescher shared her approval of the look saying, “I was so flattered... And then I got my juices flowing and thought, ‘Wait a minute, she’s from New York, we both have funny voices, she could be my daughter!'”

A reboot has not been confirmed, but would you like to see Cardi on the show?