This year's edition of the SlutWalk appears to have been a success based on the photos that are circulated online. Amber Rose's annual demonstration did, however, hit some negativity on the way. Foxy Brown, who was set to perform during the event, called out the organizers for their alleged lack of professionalism.

She posted a statement to Instagram for the sake of "transparency." While she bears no ill towards the effort or what it represents, Foxy expressed deep disappointment in how the team of organizers failed to provide "basic" contributions to facilitate her performance. 

"My fans have, and will, always take precedence! Apologies to the SlutWalk Nation and my beloved fans, due to the unprofessionalism of the SlutWalk Team.
Horrified, tickets are still being sold; (with me as headlining act), even after organizers refused to provide even the basic accommodations, (and technical budget alloted for me). After promoting my name for months, they’ve canceled, citing lack of funds, yet continued to SELL TICKETS up until an hour before showtime. I’ve championed my sis, Dancehall Queen Spice to perform alongside me, giving you guys an unprecedented hip hop & dancehall performance!"

Although "everyone was disgusted" by the way the issue was handled, Brown still encouraged her collaborator, Queen Spice, to take over and handle the stage for the both of them.

The last time we heard of the rapper canceling an appearance was during New York Fashion Week when she reportedly pocketed the pay and bailed on the show anyway.