Who knew that Fashion Week events could get so dramatic. It's currently New York Fashion Week and as the events are coming to a close in a few days, things are still incredibly crazy on the East Coast. Nicki Minaj's fight with Cardi B remains one of the hottest topics in the entertainment world as everyone reaches for answers on why it even happened. Today's drama has to do with somebody else and there's slightly less tea spillage happening. According to TMZ, promoters are furious with Foxy Brown over an event that she promised to perform a few songs at but failed to show up for.

The publication writes that Foxy agreed to perform two songs at the LaQuan Smith event during NYFW and while that hardly seems like an issue, she showed up late, pocketed the money that was promised and then left. Brown was given $5K as an advance and another $5K at the time of the performance. The singer reportedly showed up at 2:30 AM when nearly nobody was left at the party and didn't sing a single word, leaving almost immediately after her entrance. The promoters are allegedly extremely frustrated with the artist, asking her to return the money for failing to perform her duties. According to TMZ, if she doesn't pay up, she'll be seeing them in court.

Fashion Week has been pretty crazy so far and it doesn't seem like it'll slow down anytime soon.