Foxy Brown and Nicki Minaj haven't always been on the best of terms. In the past, they've gone neck-and-neck with subliminal messages and not-so-subliminal disses but, after their heated rivalry cooled off, it looks like there's only respect between both femcees

Nicki Minaj announced to the world that she was pregnant on Monday, showing off her baby bump in a series of incredible photos. It took a few days to hear from Foxy Brown but it's likely because she was crafting the perfect message to send. 

Instead of coming through in the comments, Foxy showed a ton of respect by dedicating an entire post to Mrs. Petty, showing some major love.

"@nickiminaj True we go at it like real sisters," wrote Foxy on Instagram, uploading a collage of pictures of the Queen. "Still ride hard AF tho, that TRINI BLOOD different! Swear, I damn near shed a tear for this!"

She went on to congratulate the rapper on her blessings.

"FINALLY GOT YOUR GREATEST HIT! Tell the King thx for lovin’ my btch," she added. "Baby C got a NEW Baby Cuzzo fucking proud of you Nic!"

It's nice to see that, despite their less-than-pretty history, they can still find it within themselves to get together for what matters. Congratulations to Nicki Minaj!