Last week, Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyger was arrested for fatally shooting Botham Shem Jean, a 26-year old black man, in his own home. Jean was Guyger's neighbor, and she accidentally entered his apartment instead of her own. Jean was unarmed, but Guyger shot and killed him none the less, mistaking him for an intruder. How a trained officer didn't realize she had forced her way into another man's apartment, didn't recognize her surroundings, and proceeded to kill a man in his own home, is insane enough. Now, Fox News is running a smear campaign against Jean. 

Fox television in Dallas released a story about how police discovered a small amount of marijuana in Jean's apartment after he was murdered.  "Search warrant: Marijuana found in Botham Jean’s apartment after deadly shooting," tweeted Fox 4. This would not be the first time Fox has attempted to smear a victim of police brutality. The internet immediately reacted to the distasteful campaign. "This smear is despicable," stated the former director of the Office of Government Ethics. "The man was minding his own business in his home when an intruder tried to break in and then killed him."

Guyger was charged with manslaughter on Sunday before being released on a $300,000 bond.