As more details arise in the Epstein/Maxwell underage sex scandal that may soon include some big names, one of the key figures that keeps popping up in connection with the pair is none other than President Donald Trump himself. 

sident Donald Trump Jeffrey Epstein Ghislaine Maxwell Melania Knauss photo
Image: Davidoff Studios/Getty Images

While reporting on the recent arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell a few days ago, FOX News conveniently decided to crop Trump out of a photo of him, Epstein, Maxwell and his wife Melania Trump that has since become infamous. The flick in question, seen in its entirety above, was taken back on February 12, 2000 at Mar-A-Lago Club in Florida, otherwise known as the "Southern White House" as Donald put in his own words. Trump bought the entire historical resort back in 1985 for $10 million, and according to a 2018 report by Forbes has earned him about 16 times that amount in the time since. It's still unclear whether or not Mar-A-Lago was a location for some of the deviant sexual behavior Epstein and Maxwell are both accused of, including the rape of an underage girl over 30 times, but we can only imagine this story will continue to grow as the days push forward. Brace yourselves for anything, people.

Peep the crop-out below, and let us know whether you think it was a coincidence or if FOX News was intentionally looking out for their boy: