Four Loko is expanding its brand into the world of adult entertainment in one of the most random brand collaborations. Four Loko and Fleshlight have announced their new partnership with their new product, Sex In A Can. The new collaboration is essentially a sex toy disguised as a Four Loko can, just in case you fantasized about fornicating with aluminum. The creation of the new sex toy was brought to life with the help of Pizzaslime, a company that specializes in merchandise surrounded by Internet and meme culture.

"Inspired by the spirit of Steve Jobs and Leonardo Da Vinci, we at Pizzaslime embarked on a quest to bring the world an innovative and cutting-edge sexual experience," a statement reads on their Instagram page. "The result was the orchestration of combining the two legendary brands that are @fourloko and @fleshlight."

Both the CEO of Four Loko's parent company Phusion, Jaisen Freeman, and Fleshlight founder and CEO Steve Shubin, believe this product will help expand their respective across the internet and further engrain themselves into internet culture.

"The Four Loko x Fleshlight Sex In A Can is just another example of how we continue to be on the cutting edge of collaborations and projects," Freeman said. Shubin added, "This unique collaboration will allow us to spread our much-needed message throughout the culture in exciting new ways."