Travis Scott may have never set foot in the KSBY-TV newsroom, but he's definitely a much-loved personality when it comes to rappers who are brought up during the broadcast.

Similar to the Prodigy tribute done by newscasters in Atlanta, Scott Daniels managed to turn his San Luis Obispo sportscast into nearly three minutes of television that was rife with references to Scott's body of work. In total, forty-two mentions of Scott-related work were mentioned in the highlight package, spanning his entire discography, from Owl Pharaoh to his most recent singles like "Butterfly Effect." Even better is the fact that all of this little shout-outs are woven seamlessly into the copy that he's reading. Even if you're not into sports in a big way, it's worth checking out.

At one point, Daniels asks Scott to "please drop Astroworld," the rapper's much-anticipated new album that still doesn't have a solid release date. The last we heard was that both that project and his collaboration with Migos member Quavo were coming "real soon." It's been more than a week since that nugget of information came to light, so we're not sure exactly what kind of timeline Travis is basing the "soon" off of, but here's hoping it's not too much longer before either album sees the light of day.

In the meantime, Travis Scott is keeping himself busy, whether its within the confines of a recording studio or not. He's been taped for a whole bunch of recent features, working with everyone from Major Lazer to DJ Khaled and beyond. He's also been dropping some serious coin on his girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, reportedly getting her some custom jewelry that put him out $60,000. Probably still chump change to Scott, but I have to think that his relationship with Jenner is getting at least reasonably serious as well.

To turn the attention back to the sportscast for a moment, if these hip-hop flavored news scripts continue to gain in popularity, we're more than okay with that. Can we pitch ideas on who to cover next? What about a weather update that drops some 50 Cent love in there? One can hope.