The 14 Days of Fortnite challenge rages on with added components each and every day. On Fornite Day 9 users are being asked to locate "Holiday Trees" on the navigational guide. Once located, Fortnite users are being asked to deliver a dance routine in front of the "Holiday Tree" apparatus with the yielded potential of unlockable bonuses in sight. Not only that, but these "Holiday Tree" locations are believed to be surrounded by loot and treasure chests. The following guide illustrates where these caches can be found on the map, with each locale bearing its own name and explanation.

For example, The Paradise Palms can be found on the upper deck of the skyscraper as instructed. The Fatal Fields belong to a specific region nestled between two barns on the North-End of the silos. The Happy Hamlet, as pictured, is located on the SouthEastern corner of the map. Most of the item drops are intuitively placed: like The Viking Village atop a scenic longboat, and The Dusty Diner next to a diner. Other locale require a little more digging: The Lucky Landing at the entrance of the quote-unquote 'town,' The Tilted Towers squarely on a basketball court, and so on and so forth.. Be careful where your nose, the 14 Days of Fortnite challenge is likely to put a lot of gamers on a collision with their online nemeses. Check out the remaining locales right here.