Data miners keep getting better. Previously, data codes for new seasons would reveal challenges or minor additions, but now, data miners got their hands on a full map. The leaked map for week 9, which was shared by data miners @TwoEpicBuddies, shows several changes to the environment from a bird's eye view. The most notable change is the addition of an extra tower to Tilted Towers.

There have been construction crews seemingly repairing damage brought upon the environment because of the meteors, and it looks like they're doing more than just fixing. The new tower won't drastically change the dynamics of Titled Towers, but it will make maneuvering more interesting. The crater that was left in the wake of Dusty Divot also appears to be going through changes. Trees are beginning to reappear and the environment will undoubtedly become a new location within the next few weeks.

The rocket at the villain base near Snobby Shores was predicted to launch last week, and a countdown even seemed to propel this suspicion. Nothing happened when the clock hit zero though. In the new leaked map image, the rocket is missing. Gamers have speculated that the rocket was a weapon or a tool, but it is possible that the rocket has other plans altogether.