For the last year and a bit, Fortnite has been the biggest game in the world. It crept its way into hip-hop culture when rappers started to mention it in their rhymes, streaming their sessions live on services like Twitch. Even Drake and Travis Scott played a game of Fortnite with gamer Ninja. Right now, it appears to be declining ever-so-slightly with another battle royale type game gaining favour with players around the world. Apex Legends is quickly overtaking Fortnite as the most-hyped game but that doesn't mean that people gave up on its predecessor. If you're still playing Fortnite and you've been trying to figure out how to land the exclusive K-Pop skin (we're not judging), then you've come to the right place. 

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

There's a new skin modelled after a member of K-Pop group iKon and the game has teamed up with Ninja, Chan and Samsung to release an ultra-rare skin. While many skins are available through exclusive challenges or the regular store, this is quite different. You'll likely have to shell out a lot of money if you want to cop this skin. By pre-ordering Samsung's new Galaxy S10 phone, which is optimized for gaming, you'll get the rare K-Pop skin. According to Digital Trends, that appears to be the only way to secure the new skin so if you're dedicated to the cause, get yourself a new phone.

Are you copping?