After weeks upon weeks of speculation, the Fortnite rocket launch finally took place last week. The results of the event were completely unexpected, and millions of gamers across the globe witnessed what may be the beginning of the end of Fortnite as we know it. As the rocket reached its highest point, a small thruster broke off from the hull and shot down towards the Fortnite island. After teleporting around the sky, the small spacecraft opened a breached in the sky that looked like a splintered crack across a window. Since that occurrence, several other rifts have opened up in the sky. 

Gamers have been speculating about the function of the rifts for days. They seem to be portals, but nothing has been confirmed, until now. Earlier today (July 6), one of the rifts spat out an anchor. When gamers used their axes to break down the anchor, it turned out to be made of wood. The appearance of a wood anchor may mean pirates are on the way. Gamers have also speculated that season five will feature ancient cultures, and that the rifts are portals to the past. The most intriguing theory is that the rifts, which have now multiplied to five separate breaches, will morph the landscape into brand new locations. Season five launches on July 12.