It's hard to argue that Fortnite isn't the most popular game on the planet right now. Everyone from Draketo Travis Scott, to Logic have become addicted to the battle royale styled game that allows people who aren't traditional gamers to pick up and play. The game already features a catalog of weapons for all types of different players. Sniper rifles for those who enjoy ranged battle, grenades to help damage several players at once, and rocket launchers for those who prefer big explosions. Still, gamers will always want more, and developer Epic Games is set to deliver more weapons to play with. 

A new Light Machine Gun is set to premiere in Fortnite soon. In the game’s "Coming Soon" section a picture of the new weapon was recently added. The LMG sits atop a bipod that looks like it will have an effect on stability rather than just being for show. The description for the gun in the game reads, "New LMG weapon has a fast rate of fire, large magazine, and slow reload.” From the description, it sounds like the LMG will work similarly to the Mini-Gun, although it may feature a larger magazine, better accuracy, and less time to begin firing.