Season 3 of Fortnite is drawing to a close. Next Sunday, April 29, will be the last day gamers can complete the challenges of Season 3, and for those that have already finished the list of trials, congratulations. We're sure you're enjoying running around the map destroying other players in your John Wick skin. 

For the next season, Fortnite developers plan on stepping the game up tremendously, and the speculated comet collision is sure to play a large part in whatever comes next for the game. Although data miners and gamers using the replay feature have long speculated that the comet will destroy Tilted Towers, nothing has happened yet. Along with the speculated destruction of the heavily populated small city, Fortnite will offer gamers new skins, new map challenges, new weapons, and of course, new cosmetics. 

Season 3 saw both amazing and horrible moments, with servers being taken down for an extended period of time, but also the introduction of vending machines and "Porta-Forts." Hopefully, troublesome sever issues will be a thing of the past in Season 4. Fortnite's iOs release was a huge success, becoming the most downloaded game on iPhone's across the globe, and undoubtedly, developer Epic Games will attempt to stuff more money in their pockets by launching the game on Android this upcoming season. 

Stay tuned for updates on all the new items, weapons, map changes, and challenges that will be revealed within the next week. We got you.