The mysterious rocket launch in Fortnite finally took place today, and the results are astounding. Gamers have been waiting for weeks to see the rocket located just north of Snobby Shores launch, and have been disappointed more than once. Rumors circulated the internet that players could possibly launch the rocket themselves, and one faux countdown seemed to confirm the departure of the rocket. Before gamers began to lose hope though, Epic Games delivered on what they were waiting for. A one time, live launch was initiated moments ago by the developer, and the results are stunning. 

Gamers from around the world watched the launch from all over the map. The ideal position seemed to be an aerial view from gamers who floated down to the island. After the rocket launched, a separate ship dropped from the thrusters and aimed a red light down upon Tilted Towers. The ship then rushed towards the Towers before teleporting to another portion of the map. After zooming and teleporting across the map in a frenzy, the ship launched straight for space and created a large blue crack across the sky. The crack exploded like a splintered window and has been ominously hanging over the sky since it was created. It might be a portal, but nothing has been confirmed. Check out footage of gamers who witnessed the launch below.