Fortnite is a great game for many reasons. The free-for-all battle royale style gameplay is addicting, and the cartoon element adds a nostalgic childhood twist to what is actually just a large murderous game. Players must kill all their enemies and remain as the last man standing to win a match of Fortnite, but one group of gamers has decided to dance instead of shoot. 

The gaming collective known as WiziBlimp is back with another hilarious music video rendition. After successfully crafting a remake of Childish Gambino's "This Is America" using Fortnite characters in-game, WiziBlimp has returned with their own take on Bruno Mars and Card B's hit record "Finesse (Remix)." When the "Finesse (Remix)" first dropped, the nation was entranced by the combination of two of the industry's most talented artists. That same awe has been transferred to WiziBlimp video remake, which uses quick cuts and bright colors to bring the video to life. It's beyond entertaining to watch the team behind the video coordinate dance moves and work together on a level that looks more polished than their last music video. It appears that the WiziBlimp team is getting better at their craft. Check out the video below.