When game developer Epic Games announced that they were bringing a new practice mode to their breakout hit Fortnite, gamers were excited. The new mode would give players a chance to explore the surroundings, and test their reflexes, in a safe environment. A squad of up to four people could airdrop onto the island and explore together. Deaths were not permanent in practice mode, and gamers respawn after being killed instead of being brought back to the loading screen. Although the practice mode, called "Playground," was announced in May, it didn't get launched until last week. 

Only a few hours after being launched, Epic Games shut down the Playground mode. Gamers complained about in-game crashes among other problems with the new mode before it simply vanished. Citing matchmaking as the issue, Epic Games told players that the practice mode would return soon. Although it took them a few days, the game developer has relaunched Playground mode, which is available now. "Success! All players can now join in on the fun in the Playground LTM. Drop in and let your imagination run wild," wrote Fortnite on Twitter Monday. Although Playground mode is only scheduled to be around for a limited time, it would be advantageous if Epic Games allowed it to be permanent.