Fortnite season 4 week 5 challenges are here, and one task in particular is forcing solo gamers to hop into squad mode. Players must “dance with others to raise the disco ball by Loot Lake," which is as easy as it sounds. Gamers should head over to the western area of Loot Lake and look for a building that has four dance pads inside in separate corners. A squad must work together, positioning themselves on each pad, then everyone needs to dance simultaneously. Once the dancing begins, a disco ball will begin to rise, and once it hits the top, confetti will fall from the sky.

The only real difficulty with this challenge is the amount of squads who are going to try to complete it at once. Gamers are going to walk into the building ready to dance it out, and will most likely be ambushed by other squads attempting to do the same thing. Waiting until the end of the challenge week to complete this task may benefit gamers, as everyone will be trying to complete the dance off first because of how easy it is. Check out the video below, which displays exactly where to find the dance pads.