Something very strange is going on with Fortnite right now, according to Forbes. Epic Games held a Fornite live event today, during which, loads of rockets starting pouring of the sky, all hitting random locations on the map. Then, a huge rift appeared, sending a meteor at the map. Players were flung off into space through a vortex. Now, all that's left in the game is a black hole. As of now, no one can actually play Fornite.

While it's thematically entertaining, the development team is likely using this time to implement a long-rumored new map into the game. There's no warning as to how long this will go on for. Fornite could simply be a black hole for a number of hours or perhaps even days. Currently, Fornite's twitter page has a picture of characters from the game waving into the distance with the caption, "This is The End." 

Fans are freaking out. Top reply tweets include, "WHAT JUST HAPPENED," "Fortnite got the money and did the dash," as well as a handful of reaction memes. 

So far, Epic Games has yet to officially explain the event any further. We'll have to wait and see when we'll all be able to play Fortnite again.