Fortnite is the most popular video game in the world, so when the servers went down on the day after Christmas, it felt like the gaming community was in a crisis. Little boys and girls around the world with new video game systems sat in shock and awe as they tried to get into a match of the battle royale game. At around noon on December 26, Fortnite developer Epic Games confirmed that a glitch was keeping gamers from indulging in their favorite pass time. "We are investigating an issue causing some players to encounter a problem with game services and when attempting to log in," they tweeted. Their confirmation did little to quell gamers' worries, because they were already well aware the game was glitching. 

Hours later, Epic Games was able to enact a quick fix that got gamers back into matchmaking. "We've deployed a fix addressing the issues encountered earlier today," they tweeted. "Login and Game Services have been restored and the elf is back on the shelf." An employee for the company also took to Reddit to explain the issues further for those who may understand technical lingo.