Fortnite has remained as one of the most popular games in the world for several reasons. Besides the most obvious reason (it's free), the fact that game developer Epic Games stays on top of their updates is enough to bring gamers back weekly. New challenges are introduced with new updates, and Epic Games also adds limited time game modes and loot to make things more interesting. One game mode that fans were eagerly anticipating finally touched down this week for a few hours before it was suspended. 

Epic Games released the Playground Mode on Wednesday, but it was taken down due to glitches. "We know you want to get back out to the Playground LTM," wrote Fortnite developers on Reddit. "We've got multiple teams working to get this mode back into your hands so you can let your imaginations run wild. We want to inform you that the Playground LTM will remain closed for repairs for the night. We’ll have more information available [Thursday]." When Thursday rolled around though, there we no updates on the situation and PlayGround Mode was still down. Now, Fortnite's developers have offered a minor update via Reddit. "We’re continuing testing on our matchmaking improvements and are still aiming to open the Playground LTM as soon as we're confident in our improvements," they wrote. "Once we have confirmed that our testing was successful we will begin gradually rolling servers out to all regions and platforms until it’s available to all players."