It's hard to believe that Fortnite is only one year old. Created by Epic Games, Fortnite is not the first battle royale style game, but it is definitely the title that made the genre popular among gamers worldwide. To celebrate their first birthday, Fortnite is giving gamers a fun new update. 

Most importantly, the birthday update will bring back Playground Mode. The practice mode was removed for maintenance a few weeks back, but now, gamers will be able to dive back into the popular mode. Some minor changes have made Playground Mode more fun, such as allowing gamers to switch teams and reduced spawn times. Also, the match won't end if someone leaves. 

A list of new birthday challenges awaits gamers once they log into Fortnite. The bus has been updated with balloons, and gamers are tasked with finding birthday cakes across the map and dancing in front of them. Hidden mini-games have also been added, and completing the birthday quest line in Save the World Mode will get games a new hero named Birthday Brigade Ramirez. There are undoubtedly several other hidden birthday gems that Epic Games has gifted players with, so hop online and explore Fortnite's birthday update today.