When Epic Games introduced the guided missile rocket launcher, it seemed like the most unfair advantage for gamers who stumbled across the weapon. Not only was the weapon overpowered, it was seemingly invincible, and gamers worldwide were not impressed. Epic Games effectively canceled the weapon, but now it is set to return. According to a recent developer update video, Epic Games has updated the guided missile weapon to be less of an overpowering weapon. The new changes are:

-Ammo capped at 12 rockets
-Reduced movement skill
-Reduced turn radius
-Reduced damage
-Better mouse and keyboard controls

Many gamers are hesitant about the return of the weapon. Twelve rockets is still a great deal of ammunition, and it can be argued that a match can be won with those alone. The updates that gamers are the most in agreeance with are the reduced movement and reduced damage tweaks, that will make it harder for attackers to track down and destroy their enemies. The video also highlights new changes to the SMG, which is overpowered when it comes to environmental damage. Lastly, the Remote Explosives will also be updated. The charges damage radius has been reduced, and they must also be stuck to something before they can be detonated.