In the weeks leading up to its February 16th release, anticipation for Black Panther is reaching a fever pitch, as audiences eagerly await the arrival of the first black superhero film. As more details begin to emerge, Oscar winner Forest Whitaker, who plays Zuri in the upcoming Marvel production, reveals some interesting contextual underpinnings that ultimately add to Black Panther's cinematic allure. 

Speaking with Variety, Whitaker notes how "it’s a unique piece. It’s a multicultural piece. I think people are waiting to find something new to live in," detailing how "this superhero from Africa who is in this society and trying to fix the world is something that people haven't been seen before." 

Whitaker then goes on to praise director Ryan Coogler by saying "I think Ryan is a great director, so there’s always going to be some social consciousness inside of it. And at the same time, the action is something we haven’t seen before." 

The actor also reveals how the film blends in disparate influences and settings into a unified film, noting how "we’re going to see not only tribal things, but things that take us into outer space, things that take us into the James Bond space. It’s a really unique amalgamation of different things that come together in an exciting way."

Whitaker then details the cast's overwhelmingly positive reaction to the film, revealing how "the first time we saw it, just as a cast, after it, everybody leapt up to their feet. Literally some were in tears. They were so excited about what was actually occurring. I think people have that same excitement around the movie."

Watch the interview below: