Former WWE wrestler Eric Arndt, more commonly known by his wrestling name Enzo Amore, does not have any plans to wrestle again after being let go by the WWE earlier this year amid sexual assault allegations. Although Amore was ultimately cleared of all charges, he has since moved on to other endeavours in a new chapter of his life.

Speaking with TMZ, the former Cruiserweight champion says he wouldn't go back to the world of wrestling "in a million years," and revealed he is currently "working with some big names on a big album." Amore previously released a diss track aimed at his rape accuser.

"There ain't nobody who's got enough money to put me back in the ring, kid," Amore told TMZ Sports... "Not unless it's 'Creed 3' dog and I'm fighting [Adonis Creed]."

In addition to his album, Amore tells TMZ that he's working on "a ton of television content right now" and is "sitting on a lot of interesting things right now." While there's no release dates or any information regarding Enzo's numerous upcoming projects, he did reveal that his album will be titled "Rosemary's baby."

Check out Amore's comments of his life post-WWE in the video embedded below.