She was once at the top of her game in the WNBA, but reports state that Shoni Schimmel was recently in trouble with the law. Back in 2014, Schimmel was bestowed All-Star Game MVP, but ESPN shared that she was taken into custody on Monday (June 14) after allegedly being involved in a violent altercation.

While details regarding what happened are scarce, it was reported that the former WNBA superstar was hit for several charges after being booked in an Oregon jail around 1:00 a.m.

Multiple reports state that the 29-year-old sports star caught a few felonies including assault and criminal mischief, and a handful of misdemeanors including recklessly endangering another, domestic abuse, menacing, and harassment. It's unclear who the other person or persons involved in the case may have been.

Schimmel reportedly grew up in Oregon on the Umatilla Reservation and was ever featured in the Off The Rez documentary where she spoke openly about her upbringing and journey to professional basketball. Her career has been up in the air since she sustained a concussion 17 games in with the New York Liberty in 2016.

ESPN also reported that in 2017, Schimmel sat out "for personal reasons" before returning to her New York team the following year. Then, she went to the Las Vegas Aces where she is said to have played two games prior to the team releasing her. What she's been up to since that time is unclear, as is her future in the WNBA.