Former Houston Rockets' star Steve Francis has had some well-documented struggles since retiring from the NBA and things are seemingly only getting worse. 

According to TMZ, officials in Florida have issued a warrant for Francis' arrest for burglarizing a BMW back in June and they're now looking to extradite him from Houston after learning that he was booked for a DWI over the weekend.

The police reports states that on June 15th, Francis asked a bartender at the Cortez Clam Factory for a flashlight which he then used to break into a BMW and steal a makeup pouch, wallet, gold wedding ring, gold diamond band, earrings, press credentials and $100 in cash.

In total, $7,252 in goods were stolen but just two days later Francis turned himself in to police with a plastic bag containing the stolen items saying, "I just robbed somebody, take me to jail. I'm turning myself in."

Despite the admission, he left without being charged with a crime but now cops want him on a felony burglary charge.

See the video below for more details about his DWI arrest in Houston.