Tragedy has struck the football community recently as it was announced that former Florida Gators and Oakland Raiders linebacker Neiron Ball has passed away at the age of 27. Ball played with the Raiders in 2015 and throughout his life, he struggled with a congenital condition which made his blood vessels in his brain rupture after getting tangled up. 

Ball's condition worsened throughout the years and in 2018, it caused him to suffer an aneurysm. Ball was placed in a medically induced coma and eventually became a quadriplegic. Over the last year or so, his family made mention of his health struggles and the financial cost that came along with it. There was even a fundraiser set up for Ball's medical costs. Ball's sister took to Facebook recently to thank everyone for their support during these tough times.

"The Ball family is forever grateful for the prayers, donations, and immense support of Neiron and his recovery," Natalie Ball Myricks said in her post. "Neiron was a very special and loving father, brother, and teammate. Neiron has transitioned to a place of peace."  

The Raiders took to Twitter last night to pay respects to Ball. His fans were also quick to react to the news which has come as a bit of shock to people throughout the community. 

Our condolences go out to the Ball family during these tough times.