Former NFL safety Darren Sharper was sentenced to 20 years in prison today by a Los Angeles judge, which will be served concurrently with the 18-year sentence he received in Louisiana in August, and the nine year sentence he received in Arizona in 2015.

Sharper drugged and raped as many as 16 women in Nevada, California, Louisiana and Arizona but pleaded no contest to raping two women as part of a plea deal for charges in multiple states.

As part of Sharper's sentencing hearing today, one of the victims issued the following statement in front of the court.

"I can only imagine myself lying there like a vegetable while he took advantage of my body without my permission. I have lost every bit of self confidence I've ever had and am always in fear while alone. It doesn't matter whether it's day or night, I can see a guy and automatically in my head think, 'What if this guy tries to rape me?'"

Prosecutors originally agreed to let Sharper serve just nine years as part of his crimes in Louisiana, but a federal judge upped it to an 18 year sentence in August.