A past VJ for MTV's heavy-metal sector of the network has come forward with his own recount of getting sexually assaulted by Kevin Spacey, adding another allegation to the former House of Cards actor.

Dominick DeLuca, who is also co-owner of Los Angeles skateboard shop Brooklyn Projects, took to his private Instagram account to detail a time Kevin inappropriately approached him when he was searching for a hoodie in the back of his store. 

“You came behind me and pulled my long hair and slammed your pelvis into my bent over body,” Dominick captioned a photo on Instagram. “You grabbed my ass, to which I said to you, ‘I ain’t down with that gay shit’ … you replied, ‘Everyone is gay for pay in LA at some point.’” His post details how his friend showed up at the store to break up the interaction and "basically saved the day." 

“I was fucked up by what you did for years but kept it inside … to the point I needed therapy and eventually antidepressants.” Dominick, who is friends with Justin Bieber and Vin Diesel, told Page Six he was hesitant to tell his story by the chance of looking like a "fame whore."

“This doesn’t just happen to young kids or females. It can happen to the straightest of the straight, like myself,” he said.

As for his words to Kevin: “I hope you can somehow try and understand all the pain you’ve given people and hope you can come to realize that you’re a predator, plain and simple.”