Cortez Bryant, best known for his work as Lil Wayne's manager and his tenure as COO of Young Money Entertainment, announced today that he will be teaching a seven week course at Jackson State University.

The course, aptly titled "Careers in Music," will address ethics, digital marketing, branding, contractual agreements, publishing, copyrighting, and more.

"If I weren't in the music business, I would have been a teacher," said Bryant. "I always wanted to come back to Jackson State, which has done so much for me in terms of making me the person I am."

Tez will be fortifying the course material with a series of guest lecturers comprised of industry heavyweights. He singled out Chauncey Hammett in particular, who handles marketing for Pepsi.

"He was responsible for the Kevin Hart and the Migos Mountain Dew commercials last year," Bryant said of Hammett. "I want the students to understand the overlapping spaces that connect business to music. I want to show the importance of brand power and working for brands and having music backgrounds and how it all ties together."

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Neiman Marcus

Bryant is currently the co-CEO of The Blueprint Group, which is responsible for managing the careers of artists like The Roots, Brandy, Jay Critch, and Trippie Redd. He was also responsible for the establishment of Young Money Sports, which has 50 NFL players signed to its management roster. 

"All the things I'll be covering could each have a course of its own," said Bryant of his planned lectures. "But developing my syllabus was easy because this is my life. This is what I've been living, and God blessed me to be good at it."