A-Trak has had a pretty respectable career in hip hop. He was the first DJ to win all three major DJ competition titles, served as Kanye's tour DJ (heavily influencing the sound of 2007's Graduation), co-founded Fool's Gold records (the home of Danny brown, Killer Mike, and Action Bronson), and has released plenty of his own music as well.

Despite his close ties to Kanye, A-Trak could not remain silent on his feelings about Jay-Z's new Samsung commercial, which he was not impressed with. "That Samsung shit is corny" the DJ tweeted last night, before retweeting a picture suggesting Jay-Z's disconnect from current hip hop.

Announcing your new album in a cell phone commercial complete with semi-scripted (or at least contrived) dialogue certainly isn't as exciting as say, projecting your video in random locations worldwide, but I mean, the beats sounded pretty good, right?

Jay-Z has yet to respond to A-Trak's comments.

View the tweets, and watch the commercial below.