Scott Mersereau, a 51-year old former New York Jets defensive lineman, was arrested and charged with child cruelty for beating up a 15-year old kid who he believe egged his house in Boca Raton.

According to reports, the alleged egging took place at Mersereau's home on Friday and the next day he walked to the teen's house to confront him about the situation. The boy denied the accusations which further infuriated Mersereau who began threatening to kill the alleged egg-thrower. 

Per the Sun-Sentinel:

"The teen cursed at Mersereau and told him to leave. That caused Mersereau to push the teen and ask to speak with the boy’s mother, according to the report."

"The argument continued to escalate with Mersereau grabbing the teen by his shirt, pushing him, and then punching the teen twice in his face and a third time in the back of his head, according to officials."

"The teen’s mother ran outside when she saw her son being punched. As that happened, several other people tried to pull Mersereau away from the teen, according to the report."

The teen was taken to a nearby hospital and treated for a headache and bruises to the back of his head, while officers arrested Mersereau, who they described as belligerent and intoxicated. He was later released on $3,000 bail.

Scott Mersereau played seven seasons as a defensive tackle for the Jets and retired in 1992 after sustaining a serious back injury.