Donald De La Haye, a former kicker on the University of Central Florida football team, has just released a diss track aimed at the NCAA.

De La Haye was recently ruled ineligible by the NCAA because he monetized videos on his Youtube account, which had about 53,000 followers in June.

According to SportingNews, UCF applied for a waiver earlier this Summer that would have allowed him to make money off his videos while remaining on scholarship, but the NCAA wouldn't allow it if the Youtube videos were "based on his athletics reputation, prestige or ability."

De La Haye declined to accept that deal and is therefore no longer eligible to play on the team. However, he's still making videos including the recent diss track, and his subscribers on Youtube have jumped to roughly 175,000 as a result of his feud with the NCAA.

In addition to the diss track, Donald De La Haye also set up a GoFundMe account with the goal of reaching $30,000 so he can continue his education at UCF.

Per GoFundMe,

"The NCAA has possibly ruined my future, all over a few bucks. They have ruled meineligible because I monetized my youtube videos therefore my scholarship will no longer apply. Yes, I made a little bit of money from youtube but nowhere near enough to pay for school. I want to continue pursuing my passion of creating videos, I also want to continue pursuing my marketing degree but no longer have the funds necessary to achieve that. I dont like asking for stuff, but this is important.. even $1 would help!"

You can read the NCAA's statement regarding Donald De La Haye below.

Check out the track, featuring XXXTentacion's "Look At Me" instrumentals, below.