The 2004 Super Bowl is probably most memorable for the accidental nipple slip that happened between Janet Jackson and Justin Timberkale. For people who were at home watching, it was just a simple accident, but behind the scenes, it landed CBS a $550,000 Federal Communications Commission fine. 

Former CBS chief Les Moonves banned Janet and Justin from the 2004 Grammy broadcast, but according toThe Daily Mail, Justin was allowed to hit the stage since he made a tearful apology. Janet, on the other hand, did not see a reason to apologize and it's for that reason that Moonves reportedly held an "ire and vengefulness" grudge against her. Moonves' feelings towards Janet may have had something to do with the reported blacklisting of her music from MTV.

Moonves can't do anything to Janet anymore since he's resigned from his position after numerous sexual assault allegations. The publication says he will donate 20 million dollars to the #MeToo movement and says his relationships with three women were all consensual and calls the allegations "untrue."