As Tekashi 6ix9ine's fans await news of the New York rapper's fate, one of his former associates is asking a judge for leniency. In November 2018, Jamel "Mel Murda" Jones was arrested with a group of others on various drug-related charges and was held at the  Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center. In April, Jones pleaded guilty to one count of participating in narcotics distribution conspiracy and one count of racketeering conspiracy. For those charges, Jones faces upwards of 20 years in prison.

In documents obtained by Complex, Jones is doing his best to make sure he doesn't receive the maximum sentence. In a letter written to the judge in his case, Jones states that his dedication to his two children, a 19-year-old daughter and five-year-old son, is his number one priority. "To me, right now, the most important company to keep is that of my family and my children," he wrote. "Please allow me to return to them as soon as possible."

Jones also noted that an extended sentence won't be of benefit to him. "I don't need a whole lot of time to fix myself," he said. He also reminded the judge that the crimes he pleaded guilty were non-violent offenses. "I need counseling and for you to believe in me, and see that I'm not the monster they paint me to be." He adds that he's completely done with the street life and only wants the judge to see that he deserves a second chance. 

While Jones wasn't directly involved in the widely publicized case where 6ix9ine took the stand, during that trial, he was reportedly heard on audio along with what is alleged to be rapper Jim Jones's voice making threats again the government informant.