As Donald Trump keeps threatening to ban it, TikTok is continuing to flourish. The short form video platform is the most downloaded app on the App Store this year, allowing several influencers to rake in some serious cash. 

If you were wondering exactly how much TikTok’s biggest stars have made, Forbes now has you covered. The publication just released a list of TikTok’s top earners, estimated from pre-tax earnings from June 30, 2019, to June 30, 2020, conversations with the influencers and their “agents, managers, marketers and investors,” and by looking at their brand sponsorships and deals.  

Somewhat surprisingly, Addison Rae, with 54 million followers, actually leads the list, having made about $5 million for the 12-month period. Charli D’Amelio (77 million followers), comes in second with $4 million, as her older sister Dixie comes in third with $2.9 million per year.

addison rae tiktok 5 million

Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

The list only includes “native” TikTok stars who did not previously have large followings outside the app, excluding some popular creators like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Jason Derulo, as well as YouTube stars Zach King and David Dobrick.

Despite Trump’s threats, TikTok's most popular figures seem unbothered by the prospect of a ban. “I hope it doesn’t get banned, but if it does, I’d probably continue posting on my other social medias like YouTube and Instagram and Snapchat and Twitter and just continue to have fun” Charli D’Amelio told Variety

Check out the top seven list below. 

1. Addison Rae – $5 million

2: Charli D’Amelio – $4 million

3: Dixie D’Amelio – $2.9 million

4: Loren Gray – $2.4 million

5: Josh Richards – $1.5 million

6 (tie): Michael Le – $1.2 million

6 (tie): Spencer X – $1.2 million