Just in time to give you more of those Monday blues, Forbes has released their world's highest-paid celebrities list. The list ranks the celebrities of all domains together, giving us a glimpse at the top 95 earners of celebrity-dom.

Coming in at #1 this year is Floyd Mayweather ($300 M), and right below him is fellow athlete Manny Pacquiao ($160 M). A mix of artists and actors follow, with our first hip-hop representative showing up in the form of Diddy, at #21, right below David Copperfield. He's making a cool $60 M. Further below Diddy we find Jay Z at #28 ($56 M), with Beyonce following her husband closely at #29 ($54.5 M). Drake ranks at #54, earning $39.5 M (no signs of the boss mans Lil Wayne or Birdman though). Even further down we find Dr. Dre at #74, with earnings of $33 M. Pharrell and Eminem also show up, at #78 and #82 respectively. Pharrell is making $32 M while Em comes just shy of that at $31 M.

View the complete list here. Any surprises?