Being a fan of Hip-Hop is no simple matter. It’s more than the clothes you wear; it’s more than the songs on your ipod. It’s a commitment to a culture so sweeping that superficial affection won’t suffice. Although casual adoration is acceptable, it’s far from lasting. To be an abiding disciple is to be married to Hip-Hop. The purpose of this blog is to discuss what makes this marriage successful while relating it to current events.


Argument is an essential part of every relationship, even though it isn’t an enjoyable one. The spice and sizzle of debate is referred to as “Beef” in the rap world, and steaks have been on the grill ever since BDP & the Juice Crew feuded over territory. Latter, a civil war developed that led to the death of two legends. Despite the blood spilled beef remains far from rare.

This past year a war has been brewing between G.O.O.D. Music & YMCMB. It all began in ‘06 when Lil Wayne and The Clipse disputed each other’s relevance. This was before their current crews formed, but nevertheless the point must be made. Recently Pusha T has been taking shots at Weezy’s label-mate, Drake. Numerous attacks have been sent Drizzy’s way, including assistance to Common’s “Sweet” assault. Despite all the subliminal jabs Drake is only rumored to have hit back. That said, Wayne has returned to the battlefield after Pusha’s latest strike, a song titled “Exodus 23:1”. The track takes its name from a biblical verse warning liars against spreading false rumors. The Dream is featured therein, and many have wondered if there is a deeper reason as to why. A few months ago The Dream had words with Drake’s artist The Weeknd on twitter. It’s as though Exodus 23:1 is challenging the depths of crew love. Wayne accepted that challenge with his “Goulish” freestyle, and Pusha took a step forward by releasing a video for Exodus. 

Although arguments often lead to trouble they can also inspire. Just as a heated altercation can bring lovers clarity, so too can it aid to fuel one's strength. For example, after Common went at Drake with “Sweet,” Drake responded with an exceptional verse on “Stay Schemin.” Furthermore, after Pusha set aside the freestyles, he fostered a more memorable product with Exodus. Tension sometimes affords artists with the direction needed to make something great.

Tension sometimes makes things worse. It divides the fan base by coaxing them into choosing sides. Fans like certain artists more than others, and when one they admire is attacked they come to their defense. This causes issues to arise between people who are far removed from the situation. It’s the unfortunate side-affect competition triggers.

For better or worse
, competition isn’t going anywhere. After all, argument is an essential part of every relationship, but at least where this relationship is concerned, if approached with an open-mind, it can be enjoyed.