Buffalo Bills wide receiver, Zay Jones, was arrested Monday night after he got into a strange naked fight with his brother Cayleb Jones, who ​plays wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings. Witnesses told TMZ that Cayleb was attempting to stop his brother Zay from jumping out of a 30-floor building. Zay can be heard in the video yelling, "I'm going to fight for Jesus."

Zay later broke free from his bro after the two were grappling with each other and reportedly shattered a window with his foot before trying to escape through it. He was eventually arrested for felony vandalism for the damage caused to the apartment complex. According to law enforcement sources, he’s currently being held in the medical ward of L.A. County Jail.

The Buffalo Bills made the following statement on Tuesday, saying "We are aware of the incident involving Zay Jones. We are still in the process of gathering more information on the matter. At this point, we will have no further comment."

TMZ shared the actual footage from the altercation on Tuesday, and a man can be heard off camera saying, "I'm going to fight for Jesus." Then Zay Jones emerges into a hallway and his brother tries to stop him. Zay, who’s naked for all this, then runs past his brother and a scream is heard, presumably by Cayleb’s girlfriend, who’s apartment they were near. The second half of the clip shows the hallways draped with blood all over the floor and walls, showing the after math of the altercation.

We’ll keep you posted as more on this story unfolds, but in the meantime check out the footage of the altercation (below).