Hate her or love her, you can’t deny the fact that Lil Tay is one polarizing personality on social media right now. Most recently, Tay was receiving backlash for getting caught “fake” stunting on Instagram when it was revealed her realtor mother was staging her videos at homes she was selling, and using her bosses cars to act like her own. 

While Tay apologized for her actions last week after hearing it from Snoop Dogg, she’s still giving the attitude despite getting “found out.” Yesterday she was back talking her shit to the cameras on TMZ after reportedly landing a million dollar headphones deal, but that’s nothing compared to what surfaced online Monday night.

DJ Akademiks posted an unreleased clip of Lil Tay going ham in front the camera, dropping N-bombs and racial slurs from a clip that dates back to December. Akademiks claims it was her brother & mother that convinced her to say these inappropriate comments, but even still that doesn’t excuse what she said here. It’s pretty bad, especially for a 9-year old. Shame on her family for putting her to this.

The clip was reportedly discovered by @lilclout, who’s job is to expose Lil Tay, and that he just did again.

Check out the inappropriate video (below), and sound off in the comments.