Katt Williams found himself in a sticky situation this past weekend when he was confronted by Wanda Smith's husband at Atlanta Comedy Theater. The confrontation was only an issue because Katt dissed Wanda during a radio interview the day before, mocking her weight, hair and cooking skills. When we first reported on the event, the general consensus was that Lamorris Sellers approached Katt and they had a verbal altercation.

Katt then ran to the grocery store next door and told security guards that Lamorris put a gun to his face. When police arrived, Lamorris admitted to having a gun, but not pulling it out and said his piece fell out of his waistband when he chased Katt into the store. 

TMZ has now gotten its hands on a video of a bystander in the parking lot that sees Katt getting very confrontational. The video backs up Katts claims of there being a gun since Lamorris is seen exiting the comedy club with a gun in hand. By the end of the video, you can see police in the grocery store looking for Katt but he can't be found - check it out below.