It's been an incredibly sad week for the basketball community as it was revealed on Monday that Big3 and former Texas Tech star Andre Emmett had been murdered in a Dallas shooting. At the time of the first reports, no one really knew what went down and fans were looking for answers. Players from the Big3 paid their respects to Emmett while Ice Cube released a statement trying to make some sense of it all.

Just yesterday, the Dallas Police Department obtained surveillance footage of the moments leading up to Emmett's murder and released them to the public. In the video below, you can see two men walking up to Emmett's car and pull a gun on him. He gets out of the vehicle and then runs away as the two men chase after him. The actual murder cannot be seen although based on the video, it's clear that this was a robbery.

In an interview with a local CBS-affiliate, Emmett's family spoke out about his tragic passing and how as of right now, they're still looking for some answers. "I’d like to know why... and I’d like to know who," Emmett's aunt, Karen Oliver-Thomas, said. "It’s just tough for us and we’re trying to make sense of everything."

This tragedy has been weighing heavily on some of the Big3's biggest stars, including Stephen Jackson who took to IG to share his feelings.