Foolio Recreates A Robbery Gone Right In "Racks" Video

Devin Ch
April 11, 2018 14:59

HNHH PREMIERE- Foolio kicks off a busy summer with his video for "Racks."

Foolio comes from long line of young Florida rappers finessing the game, "Racks" our second look in 2018 since "LaLaLa." The Jacksonville native is rumored to be working with Zaytoven on a joint project, so expect the chatter around him to grow as the days turn into months. 

"Racks" begins as dead presidents pour from the sky. Foolio trades cliched imagery for the ruins of a trap house, his eyes becoming glossy at the mere mention of voodoo rituals. Rebecca gets the voice memo, as another shorty licks her bottom lip as she gobbles down a creamsicle, all the while a young derelict gets between dealer and fiend, running off with the change.

The video closes with young snapper counting his coins with a grin on his face. Foolio's story is very much that of a young rapper tasting the spoils, copping his first chain, etc. We at HNHH are excited to premiere "Racks" to our discerning audience. Get familiar.

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