During Fonzworth Bentley's Twitter Q&A yesterday, the industrious @TeamKanyeDaily posed the following question: "You briefly mentioned getting Gucci and Kanye together for 'Champions,' can you tell the story?"

Bentley obliged. "We were at the studio and [Kanye] mentioned Gucci getting out... I really gave him the play by play of the significance of all the beats of what that looked like," he said. He explained that he left the studio briefly to take care of his daughter. By the time he got back, Kanye had already written "the Gucci line" ("I'm bout to go Gucci in the Gucci storeeeeee!!").

Seized by a desire to get Gucci on the already monumentally stacked track, Bentley took action. "I sent one text message, industry insider, and got an income of texts immediately. Before I knew it, I was on the phone with Gucci and I connected him to 'Ye and the rest is history."

Watch Bentley tell the Kanye-Gucci story and the rest of his Twitter Q&A below.