NBA YoungBoy is either making a genius move or the stupidest decision of his entire life. The young rapper recently welcomed his fifth child into the world but he has difficulty staying with his partners for a long time. He has been romantically linked to dozens of women over the last year and now, he appears to be dating Iyanna Mayweather. If the name rings a bell, you're absolutely correct. That isFloyd Mayweather's daughter.

They've been spotted together on a few separate occasions but things appear to have reached a new level because Iyanna updated her Instagram page with a photo of them both, confessing that she loves him. YoungBoy better treat her well because there are a few different outcomes to this situation. If he winds up sticking with her for the long haul, he's basically guaranteed to be rich for the rest of his life. After all, Floyd's nickname is "Money." On the downside, if he messes up with Iyanna, you better believe he's about to catch some of the hardest punches in the world. 

Iyanna posted a shot of the couple on her page, writing, "I love you" with a heart emoji. Their fans have mixed emotions about the whole thing. There are those that are ignoring YoungBoy's shotty past, believing that they're a match made in heaven. Others are scared for Iyanna. YoungBoy has been honest about having sexually transmitted diseases in the past and he already has five kids. Do you think they'll last?