YoungBoy Never Broke Again's romantic history is as complicated as anybody in the rap game. At just twenty-years-old, the Baton Rouge rapper already has a handful of children by different women. He's seemingly got a new chick on his arm every week, with several constants thrown in there. One of the girls that have stuck around for a while is Iyanna Mayweather, Floyd Mayweather's daughter. Just a few weeks ago, YoungBoy released a record referencing that time Iyanna slashed his car's tires, naming the track "Dirty Iyanna" and damn-near driving her off the internet. She had a change of heart though, singing along to the diss record on her socials this weekend and exchanging lovey-dovey messages with the rapper. They appear to be back together and Yaya is urging her critics to back off.

Updating her Instagram story today, Mayweather sent a clear message to all of her haters, advising everyone to mind their own business. "Y'all daddies done did y'all mamas way worse and they still had y'all raggedy asses so mind ya bidness when it come to me & mine," wrote the boxer's daughter in reference to the gossip on her and YoungBoy's relationship status. Clearly, she could care less about what people have to say. 

Hopefully, this time around, there is no tire-slashing involved. What is it about YoungBoy that keeps the girls coming back?