Hopefully this doesn't mean he has to change his nickname...

According to TMZ report, retired boxing champ and all-around big spender Floyd Mayweather was the unfortunate victim of a high stakes burglary in the wealthy Los Angeles suburb of Beverly Hills. The break-in was discovered yesterday afternoon by Mayweather's employees, who noticed that a window had been broken. Upon further inspection, at least $10,000 worth of merchandise was taken from the swanky mansion that Mayweather had recently purchased on the West Coast. The exact money value of the stolen goods is unknown at this time.

The staffer who first happened upon the scene of the burglary found that luggage, sunglasses and other accessories were among the possessions that the thieves made off with. This may have less to do with the mansion belonging to Floyd Mayweather and more to do with the fact that the luxurious home is situated in Los Angeles. In fact, Floyd's place is just one in a long list of celebrity break-ins that have plagued L.A. neighborhoods over the last little while. Well-known performers like Jason Derulo, Yasiel Puig, Mariah Carey, Alanis Morissette, Demi LovatoDrakeNicki Minaj have all had their homes hit and items stolen from them recently, with the report stating that these burglaries are reaching "epidemic" proportions.

As we reported earlier today, Mayweather is out of the country touring China right now, so he was not anywhere close to the property when the robbery happened. He bought the mansion back in September, paying top dollar for a mansion that totals 15,000 square feet. Sources have confirmed that the home has a state of the art alarm system in place, so it's unclear how burglars were able to get around that line of defense and into the boxer's home undetected.

For what it's worth, I'm pretty sure everyone would love to get just a few minutes of face time inside Floyd's incredible L.A. home. It comes decked out with a full-sized movie theater, a snack bar that would make the Wonka factory envious and the finest furniture and art one could as for as decoration. When it comes to living in style, there are few better than "Money" Mayweather.