Zion Williamson has been an absolute freak of nature with the Duke Blue Devils this season. So much so that many have already declared him a lock to be the first overall draft pick in NBA Draft this summer. Any team would be like to have the young star and boxer Floyd Mayweather is one of those people that heavily agrees with that sentiment. Of course, Floyd runs The Money Team and Mayweather Promotions. In an interview with TMZ Sports, Mayweather says he would love to get Zion on The Money Team as he could benefit Williamson's career especially on the monetary side.

"If Zion signs with me, you got my word he's gonna have a comfortable life when he's on the court and off the court ... if he did," Mayweather exclaimed.

In typical Floyd fashion, he pulled $500K out of his wallet just to flex on all of us and let Zion know that he can be richer than the rest of the world as well as long as he joins The Money Team.

Floyd has been on a bit of a flexing-spree as of late. When he's not shopping at the Gucci store and dismissing a boycott or sipping alcohol out of a gold chalice, he's recruiting NCAA basketball stars. What a life.