Floyd Mayweather destroyed Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa a little while back in a fight that made him $9 million. No, it wasn't one of those super fights we're so accustomed to from Mayweather, but it did give us an opportunity to see him in the ring again. The guy remains undefeated and it appears as though he wants to keep that reputation with a series of exhibition fights that will allow him to rack up the easy wins. In an interview with TMZ Sports, Floyd explained that he has four or five exhibition bouts with his next coming in July. He explained that is supposed to fight a retired Japanese boxer that he doesn't even know. This fight is supposed to make him $10 million.

TMZ asked about why Floyd hasn't looked for another big fight. Mayweather basically said it's better for business and his health to just stick with the exhibition fights that he knows he can easily win. "It's all about being smart. My faculties are very important," he explained.

Either way, considering it's Floyd we're talking about, we know he'll go wherever the bag is so we can't really blame him for this one. It will be interesting to see how easily he dismantles his next few opponents.